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Quail Ridge Homeowners Association

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Three Items for Annual Meeting

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Annual Meeting image courtesy of Providence ArboursThe 2013 Quail Ridge Homeowners Association Annual Meeting is Tuesday, January 29, at 7:00 PM at Knollwood Country Club.  Three items in a recent mailing sent to homeowners are clarified in PDF document, including

  • Ballot and Proxy for 2013 QRHA Annual Meeting
  • QRHA Vote to Approve the Changes to the Covenants and Restrictions
  • 2013 Survey of Concerns

Recently the QRHA announcement for the Annual Meeting was sent to all Homeowners of record. In the mailing was the following information:

  • Letter from the President
  • 2013 Annual Dues Invoice & Directory Information
  • Ballot and Proxy for 2013 QRHA Annual Meeting
  • Quail Ridge Homeowners Association Vote to Approve the Changes to the Covenants and Restrictions
  • 2013 Survey of Concerns

As explanation for the last three (3) of the above mailing enclosures, the following clarifies their purpose

Ballot and Proxy for 2013 QRHA Annual Meeting

This ballot is a procedural requirement to conduct business at the annual meeting. In the past years, this procedure was satisfied when we had openings for Board positions and candidates were being elected. The 10% quorum attendance requirement was part of the candidates’ ballots that were submitted. This year we have a full Board as no terms are expiring nor are any members resigning.

Quail Ridge Homeowners Association Vote to Approve the Changes to the Covenants and Restrictions

This allows a Homeowner to accept the revised covenants as desired by your Board. The proposed revised covenants can be viewed in summary or in detail on the association’s web site. Since last November, volunteers have been canvassing our neighborhood for signatures of acceptance. If a representative has not received your acceptance, simply sign the form. Your signature will be registered and you will not be contacted.

2013 Survey of Concerns

This form allows Homeowners to pass along their concerns to the Board on the key issues in Quail Ridge. Homeowners are encouraged to be as general or as specific as they desire. The Board reviews these concerns and attempts to address the issues. These will compiled and presented on the web site in April and our Spring Newsletter.


New Sign Holders

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New signholders at Quail Ridge entrances
Attractive new sign holders have been installed at three of the five Quail Ridge entrances, allowing rapid communication of events and news to homeowners.  Residents Bill Kestermeier and Clare Roach spearheaded the effort to investigate QRHA needs, solicit neighborhood input, find a designer, make each unit, and install them.  Over the past couple of years they repeatedly brought various samples and design ideas to regular and annual QRHA board meetings for homeowners to weigh in on the details.  Two additional sign holders will be installed at the Gumwood Road entrances after the road construction there is concluded, purportedly in 2014.


Knollwood Fields For Sale

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Mid-December Deadline for Soccer Acquisition

Thermometer Marks Progress

The 9-acres of land east of the Knollwood tennis courts on Adams Road are for sale, and the Michiana Soccer Association (MSA) is striving to keep it an open space for the community.  After the landowner recently passed away, her children chose to list the property for sale for $185,000.00.  MSA has put an offer on the property with the money needing to be raised by mid-December.  A large thermometer-like sign indicates the progress of their fundraising.

A club concern is that private parties will develop the open space, leaving local kids with no convenient fields on which to practice or play.  MSA President Bruce "Tiger" McCourt writes on the club website, "We at MSA believe that plentiful recreational space is important to the children of our community and to the long-term sustainability of our program. Consequently, we’ve been working with the community to try to buy the Knollwood soccer fields and ensure they stay open to children for play. These were some of the first fields MSA leased and children across St. Joseph County have been playing there since 1978. If this field space were to be bought and developed, it would be a genuine loss for children in our community."


2012 Fall Newsletter

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Fall 2012 Newsletter for QRHAThe Fall 2012 QRHA Newsletter offers details about proposed changes to the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCRs).  Both the current CCRs and the proposed CCRs can be accessed from Also in this issue:

  • Fall Leaf Pick-Up begins October 15
  • Harvest Hayride on October 21
  • 2nd Annual Quail Ridge Turkey Day 5K on November 22
  • Fir Road Update
  • and more...

Crack Sealing

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County crews sealing cracks in roadCounty crews are out sealing cracks in the pavement to prevent road damage in Quail Ridge.  By keeping water out of the cracks, the repair job lessens the impact of freeze-and-thaw cycles in the winter.   Cool weather makes autumn a suitable time to lay down the black sealant for it firms up quickly.  One person lays down the sealant, then another  brushes it down into the crack.  A truck applies sand over the top to minimize tar on your car.  After the subdivision roads are sealed, a street sweeper will come through to clean up the remaining sand.


Gumwood Phase 1 Nears

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St. Joseph County Engineer Jessica Clark said the letting for Phase I of the Gumwood Road reconstruction will likely begin around May 1, 2012, if the courts close on one remaining property claim this week.  Phase I extends from Toscana Park to just north of Brick Road at Candy Lane.  About one month after the letting process begins, the contractor with the winning bid will be known.  Work on the first phase, for which one property was condemned, will likely be completed in 2013.

St. Joseph County Engineer Jessica Clark discuss proposed drawings for Gumwood Road reconstruction with local residents at Prairie Vista Elementary School in June 2010.

Meanwhile, homeowners of Quail Ridge are affected by Phase II of the project, which extends north from Candy Lane to the Michigan state line.  They have thirty days to consider once the buyer makes the offer of compensation to each property owner before the County seeks them out.  Once the County owns all the property it needs to proceed with road work, utility work can start for Phase II in 2013.  Clark believes the Phase II construction will likely be completed in 2014.

Clark also suggested St. Joseph County will install fully shielded streetlights at the Gumwood Road entrances to Quail Ridge, as it has done in several recent road projects.  However, County will not be installing any lighting at the new Fir Road entrance, among the reasons being that the Fir Road reconfiguration came from a different funding pool.


Trees Removed at Knollwood

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Stumps removed from softwood trees affected by Imprelis
The removal of trees affected by Imprelis has become more obvious as crews work to cut down deadwood and to grind stumps.  Knollwood Country Club (KCC) General Manager Brian Ihnat said the original estimate of 228 damaged trees "is about accurate.  We have til December 31, 2013, to determine they're going to make it."  In some instances, individual trees embedded within a stand of others have been choked out over the years, and with the removal of adjoining trees the remaining scrawny tree has been cut down as well.

The Knollwood East golf course was most visibly affected, with about 52 trees concentrated between holes 1 and 9, Ihnat said.  "The rest are scattered about the property--you may not notice them."  KCC's plan is "not to replace tree for tree, but definitely going to plant many between one and nine and other strategic locations on the property." He suggested the new trees would be significant in size, up to 20-footers, with oaks or maples or other hardwoods replacing the softwood trees affected by Imprelis.


Run & Feast

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Neighbors walk and run on Thanksgiving Day 2012

Neighbors gathered in the sunrise mist on Thanksgiving Day to enjoy the 2nd Annual Turkey Day Run through Quail Ridge North.  Three marked courses guided the more energetic participants who chose to run 1-, 2-, or 3-miles, while folks with pets, children, or less speed opted for a beautiful morning walk.  Thanks go to the Laatz family and others who coordinated the fun run, and to the homeowners on Lincolnshire who graciously staged the event.  Enjoy a safe and thankful holiday weekend.  Images of the event...


Found: Kitten

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Kitten found in Quail RidgeThe kitten shown was found October 23 in Quail Ridge and taken to the Michiana Humane Society in Mishawaka, according to a QRHA neighbor.  If unclaimed, the friendly kitten will be put up for adoption.


2012 Leaf Pickup

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Workers vacuum leaves curbside in Quail RidgeLeaf Pick-up will commence Monday, October 15, and continue through November 19. Please rake the leaves to your curbside but do not block street gutters or drains to avoid street flooding during rain. Greenworld (formally Greenscapes) has been contracted to pick up the leaves again this year. The leaf collection is a major part of the annual Homeowners Association budget. Please place only leaves curbside and DO NOT include grass clippings, branches and shrub trimmings. These will only clog the vacuum units and are not part of the contracted service. There will also be one spring pick-up in April 2013.

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